Benefits of Waterproofing Your Basement

Since the foundation is the most important part in keeping the structural integrity of a home, maintenance is key. If you want to avoid costly damages, repairs, and headaches, you should consider waterproofing your home before that next rainstorm hits!

The Advantages of Waterproofing

  • Add Value
    View your basement as another floor of the house. Keeping it dry and warm will make it easier to sell in the future. Buyers are more likely to notice a house with a cozy, clean, and inviting lower-level.
  • Lower Health Risks
    Water + Humidity=Mold. If your basement is constantly wet, harmful mold poses a possible threat. Toxic black mold can grow within 24-48 hours! Some side effects of the infestation include rash and irritations in the throat, nose, and lungs.
  • Energy Savings
    Sealing up cracks that could let water and cold air inside reduces energy consumption since you won’t need to turn up the heat all the way. During the summer months, humidity and moisture could get inside which can be damaging and further increases cooling costs.
  • Stress-Free
    Just knowing that your basement is protected against the oncoming rainstorm provides peace of mind and confidence. No need for the mop bucket!

The benefits of a waterproof basement are endless. Simply apply the tools and materials necessary to lessen the risk of water invasion. These actions will protect your home, belongings, and precious valuables.

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